How are you really feeling?

sprinkle of thoughts


Sometimes when I say “I’m fine”, I want someone to look me in the eyes and say “tell me the truth”…

“How are you?” asked my therapist.
I am fine.” I replied immediately.
Well there isn’t any word like ‘alright’, ‘good’, ‘fine’ or ‘okay’ when you are in this room. So tell me, how do you really feel today?” She said calmly.
I paused, looked at her and she was smiling at me but there was seriousness in her eyes. I almost wanted to cry because for a while I haven’t felt like somebody genuinely wanted to know how I was doing. So I took a deep breath and said “To be honest, I haven’t been myself lately” and I began pouring my heart to her…

This was just an example but how many of us relate to this? How many of us…

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