Photo Story….Women Empowerment

PicStory….Women Empowerment


“No photography is complete without a proper Caption”

I will love to take you back to a shot I took at Chilapata Forests near Hasimara Range in WB ,India in 2016 during a Jungle Trip.I was that morning with a big hope on a Jungle Safari on my hired vehicle top spot Elephants and Bisons but suddenly the Ladies carrying bundles of firewood on their head caught my attention which ignited a deep feel of gratitude for women laying their hands in a most unseen form for running a livelihood and I name this shot as “Women Empowerment”.

Not just in India rather it’s a global phenomenon where most of the housewives and ladies play a great role for giving their family daily bread and butter for which they toil hard though not in a very recognised way.Most of us almost never recognise how silently these lay hand in development of our civilisation.


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