A Love Story? – Chapter Twenty Seven

Sketches By Nitesh

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The people you least expect to, they are the ones who surprise you the most. Surprises comes when perceptions are wrong, only when perceptions are wrong. Who would have thought that behind all the cuss words, boyish charms, no fuck attitude, advocacy of free speech, would be a girl, a human being who survive sexual assault. An overbearing forty something man, who looked to be the most judgmental person you’ll ever come across in your life, a man who edited or censored every word that his journalists wrote, an editor everyone started comparing to censor board, who would have thought that he felt the same anger, same despair, who had the same ideals that he suppressed because he didn’t wanted anyone to hurt more than they should. Who would have thought Kabir will make me speechless with his trembling hands? Radhika, my dear wife, it’s…

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