Guest Poetry “TRY HARD TO FIND PEACE” by Lisa Keeble



 I long for peace; a quiet, inner voice

To still the storm that rages

Surely happiness and calm can come from choice?

Advice on so many pages

Acceptance of self and of life’s bitter twists

To laugh ’till you no longer cry

To see all the beauty in Mother Nature’s gifts

Lost when I had to say goodbye

I try hard to find peace; just for a small while

And there it is: I remember your smile

by: Lisa Keeble

About the Poet: She used to love poetry when she was at school (many years ago!) but only started writing again recently.

She lost her husband almost 3 years ago and find it hard to put her feelings about him and her life together into words; somehow, through poetry and her blog,she is finding a way to express herself which gives her great comfort.

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