Expectations in marriage

Many marriages break up or end in divorce because husband and wife are not satisfied with each other. 

Interestingly, each one claims the fault is that of the other spouse. None of them is ready to take the blame. This makes me want to know what it is that husband and wife actually expect from each other.

This is a good issue to explore before going into marriage. If we each know what our future spouse expects from us we are more likely to have a successful marriage.

Also while already in marriage, it is good to be clear on our spouse’s expectations. Then we’ll know how to satisfy them.

So my question is: what do you expect from your spouse? What are the key things you expect from your spouse? What are the key things you cannot tolerate from your spouse?

There are two sides to this issue – what you want and what you don’t want. If you make these points clear to your spouse or future spouse that can save your marriage. What do you think. Agree or disagree?


12 thoughts on “Expectations in marriage

    1. Thanks for your question. I am happy that you are interested in this subject. To me it is an indication that you are willing to do what it takes to make your marriage succeed. This is very good. Many people like to succeed in marriage but are not ready to do what it takes. No one can succeed without doing what it takes. To come back to your question, I think what you would like from your husband is part of your expectations. Why do you like those things from your husband? I the reason is what you expect of your marriage. I hope this enlightens you. If you have more questions, you are welcome.

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