A Love Story? – Chapter Twenty Eight

Sketches By Nitesh

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Sandhya’s face was filled with a look of confusion by my last comment.

“What do you mean by that?” She asked me hesitantly, almost fidgeting nervously around me.

Under normal circumstances, I generally preferred speaking my mind but when you know that the words you want to get out of your head would start a storm that you would have no control over, it’s difficult to speak. It might not be accurate but I guess it would be like speaking when you have a gun to your head.

“By what? That how I couldn’t I love you? I’m not sure what to say about this, I, uh, I don’t know Kid, I’m just trying to say that anyone can love you, you know, all you need is a person who shares your interests.”

“I already know that Atul. Are you forgetting that you do?”


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71 thoughts on “A Love Story? – Chapter Twenty Eight

      1. I think most people who talk about depression really have no idea what it’s like to have what is termed as clinical depression. To them suicide is looked at as a relief, an end to pain. Not understood well.

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          1. “We can only sympathize with someone but we can never relive their struggles, we can never breathe their existence.” I wrote this somewhere in A Love Story?
            Same is true for depression. People judge because that’s the only thing they know how to. Ahh, too complicated. I give up.

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            1. Well said, and as you mentioned, it is complicated, as everything is when it come to expressing life and living. Do I believe some suicides are romanticized? Maybe some – but lets not forget that death itself has a lure to it. Especially when it comes to artist of any kind. And if you go as Hemingway did, for example, than there is also way more to it than thinking of a sad death. He didn’t wan’t to live a live as an old invalid after having it all, knowing with every pore how it feels to truly live, and he chose out. But when it comes to clinical depression,when the young take their life – it has different tunes. All together nothing one shouldn’t write about the way they feel.


      2. The love poem was too relatable. I try not to delve into my personal feelings and experiences of love too much. It is easier to make light of things., for me. I don’t think people expect otherwise from me.

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  1. Great exchange! Loved it. But so very many more levels of being human, feeling and breathing have to be expressed, and sometimes it might look to the reader a different way than the writer intended – because at the end, it is an art in itself I belief. Never perfect, beautiful and often confusing. Love the ongoing story, Nitesh.

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