A Love Story? – Chapter Twenty Nine

Sketches By Nitesh

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“What are we going to do about the article?” Sandhya asked, suddenly bringing our attention back to the topic that started the entire debate.

“I do not know Sandhya. We can try posting it online anonymously,” I said, completely uninterested with that particular part of the conversation on that moment.

“We can always start fresh, you know, start our own newspaper or something?” Sandhya said, I guess jokingly but then again her smiles were often confusing.

“Really, do you even know how difficult that would be? The kind of financial and moral support that we’ll need? Starting a news agency is practically impossible these days,” I said, being my usual pragmatic self.

“How about we start a news website, you know, small steps,” she said, with a shrug of her shoulders, as if she just figured out the solution to our predicament.

“And who’ll look…

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