Gold buried in blogs

Have you noticed that gold is buried in blogs? Many blogs contain gold but it is deeply buried in them and might never be found.

Great, educative posts are written but no one ever reads them. All they do is lie dormant. One reason is, many, if not most of those who come to the blogging world are out to offer not to take. They come with something to give out and are so busy giving that they hardly find time to take. Since everybody is giving, a lot remains with nobody to read.

This is what makes it extremely difficult for someone to go from zero to hero in blogging. The challenge of blogging is how to get the millions of web users who chat on social media 24/24 to become interested in and read what is written in the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, if you like the posts you are having on this site, I encourage you to dig deeper into the blog. The earlier posts are richer, even more interesting and enriching. Spend some time sailing through the blog and see what you find.

Thanks for kind understanding.


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