Life’s A Little Like A Quagmire

I can’t decide!!quagmire

As the two of us drove to the hospital, we knew we would be three coming home. What an awesome thought, I said to myself. Did I fasten the car seat correctly, my inexperienced mind asked. Then, there’s a schedule which was hard to keep – up all night! I need to sleep! I’ve got to work when morning arrives.

Buying clothes for a newborn isn’t a treat either. I wanted to brag about my baby boy and I darn sure didn’t want him dressed in pink! Oh! The problems you encounter as life begins and you’re passed from one to another to see which one can make you quit crying.

Months go by and you were taught to talk. “Mama” “Da-da” – nah! “NO!!” – that was your first word. Then you were off, like Shepards’s first walk on the moon, only out of a microphone. “NO!”, again, “don’t touch that…”! What a life! An inquisitive little creature of God, destroyed by negativity that comes from a parent’s mouth… Poor little guy tried and tried but freedom came at a dear price as direction followed after your loss. I could so relate! The altercations that proceeded left little to question. To disobey was my only option, but the penalties for perjury were contained in my pants. As I was informed, “You won’t sit for a week!”. What a quagmire we must face!

quagmire 2

Time goes on as we try to grow up dealing with the problems of the twentieth century – (POTC, a class we must pass, if you want to graduate); of course, sports, dates, and who to take to next week’s dance; the car needs gas; who’s lawn can I mow to make a couple of bucks?? My homework is late…. “You need to buckle down”! Dad said.

Now my new bride is pregnant and life repeats itself – which grandmother gets to hold you first; who’s house do we take you to? And the pressure mounts again. Holidays, oh my! I’m so tired….

In a wink of an eye life is gone and you sit on your duff and wonder what in the world you’re gonna do now – a new horizon, another quagmire, social security…..need I say more?? Move to the South, maybe, ’cause nobody retires to the North, you know. But I guess I’ll stay out here in the West where life is a beach, or so the sign says.

The air refreshes with the passing storms and now my seat is wet. I have to change. What must I wear?? Depends??

I thought I’d retire but my mind runs full steam ahead like an old locomotive. The wheels are turning and I smell smoke! Throw another log onto the fire – oh wait! That’s if you’re cold….another scenario, not for June.

Life is so darn complicated! I can’t even decide which shoes to wear as my feet are wet from being outside! Should I go in?? Maybe I should. I don’t know!!….

quagmire 3


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