People I like

I like people who are determined;
I like people who are ambitious;
I like people who are focused;
I like people who are hard working;
I like people who are honest;
I like people who are kind;
I like people who love others.
I like people who are smart. What of you?

8 thoughts on “People I like

  1. I drink Green Tea which is suppose to be good for you. We just bought several more boxes of Green Tea. It is healthy, and I fix my cup with hot water, a tea bag, and with some of the “No Sugar” we bought in a bag.

  2. I am Me.myself..sometimes focused ..sometimes not..sometime ambitious sometimes emotional..imperfect me..but I love myself..not racing anymore to be perfect ..not racing anymore to be far as I love myself.i respect myself..
    You have written beautiful and nothing against that for sure..but this is me

  3. If the kindness isn’t there, I can forget being friendly with the person described. Anyone can speak with kindness. It is a Southern thing, but some Southerners have lost this kindness. I presume they are too, busy with life as it is. I believe there is always time for being kind, considerate, and speaking with sincerity, and dignity. Pride goes before a fall. I believe Satan trips many people with this and they don’t see what they have done. Kindness is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. So is gentleness.

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