Song ‘My Electronica Love World Action’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘My Electronica Love World Action’. Read the complete song lyrics in this blog post here

“The truth is that only lasting Love World Action has the power to transform a world of mega typhoons, climate change, wars, economic crises and youth unemployment. Therefore, if we want to do anything good and lasting it has to be a conscious expression of Love World Action. About that sings the ‘Love World Action Forever’ Concert. Love World Action is the best action. All other action is only second best.”
– Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Love World Action Forever’ Concert where this recording has been made

My Electronica Love World Action

My Electronica Love World Action
means givin’ the good information
leadin’ to good inspiration
fulfillin’ the great expectation.

On the backseat of the shuttle
she’s drawing a cartoon
of herself and her juice
dripping from her sweaty boots.

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Image above: Still from Michel Montecrossa’s Futurist Courage & Love Climate Change Musical ‘THE HOUSE OF TIME: PART I – EVERY MOMENT’)

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