A Love Story? – Chapter Thirty

Sketches By Nitesh

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Once we were done with our coffee and rants, we started walking back to our chamber of solitude. When we entered the floor, one of my colleagues told me Kabir was looking for me. I whispered to Sandhya that I’ll be back in a while and started walking towards Kabir’s office.

Through the window, I could see Kabir hunched over his desk, writing something in his notebook. Once He saw me through the window, he signalled by his hands for me to come inside.

As I entered his office, he looked up at me. He wrote something in his little notebook for few seconds and closed it. Kabir’s office was somewhat of a relic in time. No matter who walked through that door or when they’d always find the room to be exactly the way it was on their previous visit. His house, on the…

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