Not long ago, I heard someone condemning ambition. Who says it is bad to be ambitious? It is not bad to be ambitious. It is good to be ambitious.

Ambition is what pushing people to take their lives and the world to higher levels. It may be bad to be too ambitious but a reasonable degree of ambition is good and necessary.

To be ambitious is to have a burning desire to achieve something. There is nothing wrong with that and everything good with it.

For heaven’s sake, be ambitious. Be ambitious to achieve something. Have an ambition. To live with no ambition is to be dead and living. Be ambitious to make the best use of your God-given talents.


12 thoughts on “Ambition

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  2. Ambition has resulted in the present condition of the world. For those at the top of the wealth pyramid it’s very acceptable but unfortunately one third of the global population survive on $2 per day. If you are fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy western democracy you have more than a head start. Who then is on the top of this pyramid made up of 7.5 billion humans ? The top 1% consists of about 75 million persons most of whom live in the rich western democracies.
    Ambition is quite natural and is known as survival of the fittest as first pointed out by Charles Darwin in the animal kingdom.
    There are those who claim men and women are not in a rat race and they point to the huge advantages of technology due to science that we enjoy. Twenty million Indians have no toilets and defecate in the open how has technology benefited them? The richer you are the more you benefit from technical advance .


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