Co-inhabiting planet earth

We humans and all the other living and non-living things as we define them are not the only ones who inhabit our planet. Some other creatures, invisible to us (and we are also invisible to them) inhabit this planet just like us. We are not only invisible to them but also intangible the same way that they are to us. They operate on this planet just as we do, believing they are the rightful occupants just as we do. To them we are nothing but evil forces (forces of darkness) that create them problems. To us, they are also but evil forces (forces of darkness) that create us problems. Meanwhile we want to live our lives peacefully on this planet and they want to live their lives peacefully too on the same planet.

These thoughts show how wildly the human mind can think. There is no limit to what the human mind can dream up. The human mind can dream up any idea. What do you say? What is your reaction to these thoughts? That nothing is impossible under the sun or that this is pure madness?



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