DAY 23 Continuing

The first motion,

The first swim,

The first food,

The first dawn,

The first breath of air,

The first cry,

The first and last pat on the bum by the Pediatrician,

First touch of comfort by the nurses who took care of the baby,

The first comfort of Mother’s touch,

First hunger,

First smile,

First scold,

First cry,

First climbing,

First fall,

First word uttered,

First prayer,

First written alphabet,

First mathematical equation,

First drawing,

First speech,

First song,

First dance,

First poem,

First argument,

First confusion,

First love,

First kiss,

First hormonal hijacking,

First disappointment,

First breakdown,

First failure,

First existential inquiry,

First appreciation,

First insight,

First excellence,

First experiences do not happen once, but multiple times till the time to visit the tomb.

Every experience meticulously distinguishes. Outcomes are compared and elements of similarities, found, and yet it differs in its very roots, which…

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