S h e r a


DAY 23 Continuing

Don’t you feel that somewhere, someone is seeking for you;

Where are you?;

Why are you running away?;

It is me;

The one for you;

How I miss you … ;

I wish, … you recognize me;

I am always there for you even if it gets late;

Extending my hands,

So that you hold them wholeheartedly,

To never let go;

How I miss you … ;

Ours is a journey for life,

A bond for life;

Although your absence,

The blissfulness of our bond remains;

In righteousness,

The love remains;

I wonder what is really seeking for me,

Despite your absence, are you?;

Without any wrong perceptions,

The question remains;

What our present is, there is an acceptance towards it,

The known or unknown truth remains, … guiding me towards what is seeking me … perhaps …

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