A Love Story? – Chapter Thirty One

It’s over. 😦

Sketches By Nitesh

Well, my heart is beating slightly faster as I’m posting it. So many emotions. My dear readers, um, you know what, just read this, we’ll talk after this. A little side note, it’s a slightly longer chapter, two thousand nine hundred eighty six words, to be exact. Don’t blame me later, you were warned.

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There isn’t a beginning or an end. There are just moments from which we decide to look back and look forward. Mere moments. Just chapters. In the same breath you finish one so does you begin the next. The last few days had seen a chain of events spiralling out of control, events I had no control over and yet they changed so much. But through all of this, there was just one thought that kept nudging my mind over and over again, I needed to find myself once again. My…

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