A Thank You, Sort Of

And then there was one

via Daily Prompt: Homage

I want to pay homage to some of my exes, well sort of. I would like to thank my exes for:

Teaching me that I can’t force love. You were selfish in taking it, and also in giving it back.

Teaching me that communication is key. You thought hiding in plain sight was better, when it only showed me that you are a coward and I deserve more.

Teaching me that I need to always listen. You taught me what it feels like when your partner doesn’t and only responds and accuses.

Thank you for walking away and treating me as if I had no feelings or didn’t matter. Your silence was louder than an alarm clock and it woke me up to what I deserve and it was not your treatment.

Teaching me that not everyone has good intentions. You took more from me than…

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