You invite jealousy

To succeed
Is to unvite jealousy;
To dress well
Is to invite jealousy;
To look beautiful
Is to invite jealousy;
To be charming
Is to invite jealousy.
So what do you do?
Do you go ahead
And invite jealous?
Or you give up?


20 thoughts on “You invite jealousy

      1. Basically, I never know, unless the person becomes forth right and their is anger. Even then I have no clue that it is jealousy. I believe people are basically people. They don’t normally have a bad heart, but at times they give into their flesh, which wants all things. I believe jealousy has much to do with insecurity, and feelings that shouldn’t be entertained.

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        1. Personally, according to my experiences, I also don’t know and realize. They do not truly show they are angry. They did something behind my back. However, I really thank Jesus for protecting my life. Then He provides me with kind souls.

          I thought when you feel insecure just acknowledge it, admit it and speak it out. Afterwards, will feel comfortable and can move on.

          Personally, feelings are our emotions. I learn from a book that it is healthy to realize our feelings rather than suppressing it. Suppressed negative feelings are bad for the soul. However, positive feelings are great for the soul.

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          1. People choose to become negative, or positive. When it is really necessary to share honestly, they often become negative also. I believe negative thoughts can control another person if they take on the person who is negative as a friend. I am usually joyful, and happy. When negative comments start, I can choose to let them stay, and ignore them, or rebuke them, and tell the person they are too, negative for me. Reality is honest, open, and it says the truth. We have to accept the truth about a person, even if it hurts them. I can be negative, but I find that the joy of the Lord can be there instead. Both go from head to toe. I would rather be full of His joy.

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  1. It can also be subtle in that the person who is the target is never aware that people are jealous of them. They know that something is wrong, but God would have to reveal what it is that is truly bringing the arguing, and strife.

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  2. Today is another day. I believe God wants all our cares. This means worries about people, places, and things. We need to turn them over to Him, and if people are becoming a problem, then pray for them. Their faces will come to mind, or their name, until you have finished praying for them. I make sure, and then stop. I believe we have often prayed unfinished prayers because we ran out of time, or apathy kept them short. I believe turning situations over to the Lord, and then praising Him works more than lingering to worry. Worry will keep you worried, and out of His Presence. Bind Satan, self, and sin, and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you from head to toe. The love of God will pour through you. Then you can sing to the Lord. Sing to Him, and stop worrying about someone who is this or that with you. They are there to harass, but your God wants you to sing on, and to stand in His blessings and grace. Don’t go by what you see.

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