Last Leaf


DAY 25

The last leaf, it was..

The tree had been living off this last leaf..

Reposing all its hope of survival onto it..

Little did it know that the leaf was stepping towards its mortality as days went by..

The passersby knew this and the tree would hear them speak about its very mortality..

However, the tree refused to accept such idea..

It felt, it had been living a long life and would continue living it..

The leaf with its responsibility of sustaining life, reached a point of exhaustion where it could no longer be with the tree..

The exhaustion tired life out of it..

One day, it left the tree forever..the tree was on its own..

The tree was not getting the proper nutrients anymore, and it lost its happy life and realized being disillusioned about its mortality..

Depressing, some of its branches started to rot and…

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