Sometimes it’s me…

sprinkle of thoughts


Sometimes it’s me

Sometimes I am the common denominator in my drama

Sometimes I am the damn problem, I am the enemy

Sometimes I have no control on the matter.

Yes, I’m aware of that.

I’d like to say I have trust issues but it goes beyond that

You’ve ever been so broken that life no longer makes sense?

You’ve ever been so used to dysfunction that a sign of health scares you?

That the mere presence of happiness or even love alarms you?

It leaves you wondering, “is this for real“?

I’m way too familiar with the feeling, it makes me tensed.

I find reasons to not make it work, I find faults

It’s like an automatic response, a registered defense mechanism

Inscribed in my DNA, intertwined in spheres and prisms

Camouflaged in my subconscious

I am a walking bank of emotions

I’m in permanent battles with my…

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