Wow! Five Days No Post From Yours Truly. And The World Has Not Fallen Apart? How Amazing! The World Does Not Revolve Around Me After All! Phew! What A Relief!


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Yes! The Journal of My Life holds the Secret to Abolish Insanity. Read on and on until you find that secret…


Much happening my way. The above graphics gives a hint of what  am working on, in case you interested? 🙂

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thiaBasilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 11:28 am.

So much goes on around the world. So much amid us here in this family. Still, so much of the same. Over and over the same. Either glee or gloom big time goes on and on. Indeed! The cycle continues. At the end of each cycle? There is power and love and wisdom and peace and joy inexplicable and full of His esteem bubbling and bursting in my soul.

Complete. Peace. Contentment. All material things turn anew. All material things are enough. No more lack even when lack exists. Tonight? I will enjoy sleeping in my roof under the glow of the moon. Something it did not occur to me before because, because, because? Because I was too busy thinking of the time when I would have enough money to buy the proper equipment. DUH!

My last post:

Restoration In Progress. No Room For Emotional Upheavals Of Any Kind. Not Anger. Not Hate. Not Even Emotional Glee Upheavals. Rather Created Memories Of Days Gone By Avail Much……ne-by-avail-much/ ‎

Wow! Four days no post from yours truly. And the world has not fallen apart? How amazing! The world does not revolve around me after all! Phew! What a relief! This writing will be posted in the book I am now formatting, My Journal—My Life Chapter 1 “We Human Beings Are STUPID At Our Best! Be Consulted – Not Insulted.” It will be the first volume in the series: My Journal—My Life.

Well, I better go on to the formatting. Otherwise? The world might not fall apart, but! My readers? I am not too sure that they would stick by me if I tardy much longer in my task to write and publish and optimize for the Father/Creator to do the rest. Onward I am going! Bless my heart.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 4:39 am.

O my Father! On and on goes the hype in my inbox. You know how down and out I am because of all going on, but! You also know of the power of Your love and wisdom from on high that You have invested upon me to overcome it all.

So many desperate to sell whatever they are passionate about. I do not delete those emails because You have led me not to do so. You have a reason. You have a purpose for each soul that crosses my path. Today? I am led to post the following note to my readers. Hopefully they connect. Should they not connect? Either way that’s Your department not mine.

I have been impressed before with several emails. I have clicked to respond only to face disappointment after disappointment.

Father leads me all the way. I am anticipating a huge turn-out in all that He is doing with my Journal–My Life. If you are for real? Please click these links: or

Show me your interest in what Father is doing with my life. That’s all I ask. Thanks. I love you with the love of my Yah. 🙂

O my Father, whether anyone responds or not? It is no longer my concern. You are leading me all the way. You have led me to remain silent for the last few days. Now You are leading me to post this note. What’s next? An account of Your doings in the last few days I have not been posting. I will continue to format and optimize that writing. Then I will do whatever You lead me to do with them.

His love in my heart for all remains there to stay for eternity, thiaBasilia.

#five-days-no-post-from-yours-truly-and-the-world-has-not-fallen-apart-how-amazing-the-world-does-not-revolve-around-me-after-all-phew-what-a-relief, #yes-the-journal-of-my-life-holds-the-secret-to-abolish-insanity-read-on-and-on-until-you-find-that-secret

16 thoughts on “Wow! Five Days No Post From Yours Truly. And The World Has Not Fallen Apart? How Amazing! The World Does Not Revolve Around Me After All! Phew! What A Relief!

    • You make smile! Likewise, I want you around and love to hear from you. This sure is tricky business. To make the difference, to discern what’s genuine and what is not and remain in calm. 🙂

      I just added a caption to my graphic in the post:

      Yes! The Journal of My Life holds the Secret to Abolish Insanity. Read on and on until you find that secret…

      I sense you, my brother have already found that secret! HaHaHa! HalleluYah! Only thing?

      The Spirit of our Father weeps and longs for the ones needing a little more time.

      Guess what? I am so brave! My Denise called me last night. I exclaimed, “You just got me in time. I’m getting ready to camp out tonight!”
      “Where u going?” Came the reply. “In my roof” I joyfully replied. We laughed and chatted for a bit. Then I headed for the roof armed with a couple of leather mats, a blanet and my pillow.

      I picked my spot and fixed the mats and my pillow. I proceeded to lay down. Oops! I set the mats in the lumpiest part of the roof! Most uncomfortable. As a good camper, I struggled to get comfortable to no avail! Finally I picked up my pillow, came inside and crashed in my soft bed! Brave! Wasn’t I? But tonight? I already set the mats in the smoothest part of the roof. I will give it a try again. The half moon up in the sky is just too beautiful to resist! 🙂

        • I have a couple of tutors Father sent my way, I’ll send you the links. It sure is lots of fun to produce your own, no matter how amateur. I have improved a great deal because of the free tutorials. Wait, let me get the links.

        • I also have a neat program that helps me optimize whatever i create. It’s easy to use it.

          My good old friend Derek Murphy send it my way. Derek also has a lot of free tutorials. Here is his link: Derek is a really good helper. He is down to earth and tells the truth about the publishing industry. Father always sends me the best! He sent you, didn’t He? 🙂

          BTW I was not brave after all. Didn’t have the giddy up to camp out this time. I crashed in bed. Slept good 3 hrs. Just woke up and read your comment. Hope those links help. 🙂

            • Ha! Didn’t expect to hear from you so quickly. I will include you in my next post. I am trying to reciprocate. I will include links to my helpers and encouragers as they come to mind. 🙂

              • Thank you! May God bless you. I am fully conscious that I cannot do it alone. I need help, advice, encouragement. I need many hands to be put together. Many heads to think together. With your help and encouragement We’ll do a lot for God through humanity.

                • Agree 100%! You just in time with this comment. After I wrote the last comment Father sent me to bed and put me to sleep. hahaha! Just like He did to Abraham when He performed the Covenant ceremony.

                  Why He put to sleep last night when I was ready to write the next post? because I needed to hear from you with your present comment. It will totally change the slant of the post.

                  There is no way we can do it alone, but! It’s even deeper. Without Him. there is no way we can do it together either! That’s what He is teaching us now.

                  There is a free book by Don Esposito about the Covenant. It totally opened my eyes to such fact. Father MUST do it for us. Unless He does the work we laborers work in vain.

                  It’s amazing how He put us together on His time not mine. lol Remember I was ready to do it all between you and I last year? But you really did not notice me until this year, His year to accomplish His purpose for my life. Amazing! Let me find the link for Don’s book.

                  But something it just came to me to share with you about Don and many others that like Don started in the Spirit, but! the people has made ‘gods’ out of them.

                  Beware of Don Esposito. I no longer follow him because Father showed he was no longer listening to Him. Don has been going into Phychology. I don’t know what is happening now. I love Don immensely, but! I was already making a ‘god’ out of him.
                  People, makes ‘gods’ of any inspired soul. We could be made ‘gods’ by the people for the simple reason that Father is with us and we are sharing our insights with them.

                  But I don’t see that happening here and know it will not happen, for the simple reason that our Father will not let that happen. This is His work.

                  Father gave me a word of warning for Don but Don did not accept it. He called me a false prophet.

                  I am not a prophet false or otherwise. I am a simple messenger that’s all. So, that was the end of something that could have been so good in my sight. Father knows best.

                  Anyhow, like many others, Don started by the Spirit like the Galatians. His first two books are powerful! Father used those books in the process of my transformation.

                  I sense if you have not read them, those books will lift you up! Let me find those links. Unless you already read those books? Let me know.

                  Let see if this works:

                  Making progress. I think I figured out how to insert links in the comments.

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