Highlighted blogs Thursday from 31/8/2017

Hello everybody! Hope you are fine. Best of luck today and ever after! Here are our new highlighted blogs.

1. howmybrainthinks

Hi, I only recently wanted to start writing and right now all I am looking for is some acknowledgement and maybe some feedback.
I’ve never written before but really want to give it a go. Any tips are appreciated.
Here’s my link:

2. Ashley Hyun

Hello, and thank you for this opportunity! I started this writing blog today and I will be regularly writing stories, poems, essays, and reviews! (I’m really funny, I swear) I really hope that you guys will check it out since it’ll mean the WORLD to me.


3. forcepsmagazine

Hi! My blog or online magazine, includes a wide range of topics, I bet you’ll find something which you adore! We post daily, and try to write the most mind-blowing and educational articles, as well as entertaining our readers. Our dream is to have lots of readers, who appreciate our work! Thank you


4. Durgesh Tripathi

Hi, I am Durgesh Tripathi, I am a motivational trainer and life coach. Started blogging to share and learn with this world.

Writing is my passion. Take time to read my blogs. Lets make blogging world more inspiring.

Click this link and share your feedback comment..


Thanks success inspirers’ world, you are serving and helping us. Lets together create something new.

5. Hi I’m Emma and I am a young new lifestyle blogger! http://www.mylifeasemalouise.wordpress.com

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