A Break is Critical

And then there was one

via Daily Prompt: Critical

No, not a relationship break. I need a little time off from blogging. I begin classes again next week (insert screaming face here) and already have an assignment to read for one class (again insert screaming face here). I am taking a few days off from work, much needed, and recharging my batteries for the upcoming semester. Work is also draining me. I am spearheading a huge initiative that will impact the entire University I work for, so to say the pressure is on would be an understatement. I am exhausted mentally and it has shown in my sleep patterns and overall lethargy.

I have also started writing my book again. It has been a labor of love and I neglected it for a few months. I am going to concentrate on that for a bit. I love my blog and writing for it, but I…

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