Yes, you can

Yes, you can, be forever
And always remembered;
Remembered for all times;
As the great ones are remembered;
The very great ones;
They have impacted the world;
Left their footprints
On the sand of times;
Selflessly served their people;
Their words touched and continue
To touch many hearts;
And on them printed;
They were and they are loved;
Admired, and praised
All for their work.
Oh! Great souls!
Truly, can you be like them?
Yes, you can;
And even more, why not?


2 thoughts on “Yes, you can

  1. We seem to be in a hurry to leave our footprints, they will usually end up on someone’s back, as we walk over them. I want to take my time and just leave a few little footprints on someone’s heart.

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