Unfinished Words

Sketches By Nitesh

Through these lonely nights,

Unfinished words,

O my friend, my heart’s companion,

On my knees,

I weep like a soul in despair.

O best beloved,

I stand through a thick pall of darkness,

As you travel on.

The thoughts of you and me, a forgotten wish.

Nothing earned or lost,

Now that you are gone,

Empty hours,

they go so slow.

Miles get longer as I get close to you.

Words are too mild to say it all.

Along the walls of my heart,

There are arched niches,

In which resides the dusts of mournful pensiveness.

Terror struck, I cannot tell day from night,

Bitter and harsh and sour.

Burning red, burning bright,

Burning up, until nothing is left inside.

But it won’t last,

From time to time, I’d start awake,

I’d tremble in fearful unrest.

Of all the things that never die,

I’ve hold on to you,

In all…

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84 thoughts on “Unfinished Words

                1. Yeah, Sunday morning. Now about reading your mind, it’s not as of I’m some kind of psychic but these kind of words, these kind of poems they resonate with everyone in one or another way. With you, you’d already told me you loved two people, so it only made sense that you’ll feel them slightly better than others 🙂

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                    1. For you they are. But that is the beauty of poetry, words that can be interpreted any way you’d like to, for example the last line, “going far off, the door always stays nearest the heart.” Even I can think of four or five ways to interpret it. 🙂

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                    2. Ok, just listened to half of Psychsocial. The guy with the spiky head is interesting looking. The guitar player is good, reminds me of listening to my middle son playing in the 80s. But they’re not really my cup of tea. About the “hardest” song I like is:


                    3. I just like watching the confident way he sings it in the audition video. Better than the other version. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube, singers on auditions. Most of the time I like them how they first appear before the show people get hold of them. One of my favorites is soft but very moving:

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