God’s Way

Your touch has reached my spirit that, I only, share with God.

God's Way 4

Safe within the domain of my soul, I hear the storms as they roll in. My heart content, though at times Satan tries to rule, God has given me the resilience to protect my spirit. Sheltered from the hell of life, I sit quietly, thanking God for everything. The loves I have comfort me – memories that I gather like a bouquet of flowers.

Though our lives were riddled with abuse, we’ve had time to heal and give the hurt to God. I hear the thunder of a disgruntled sky; there’s no peace in the heavens. Angels won’t fly in stormy weather where we all must guard ourselves from nature’s wrath.

Promising in the eleventh hour, God adheres to calm our stormy lives. The strength of prayer I share with Him, the one who holds those so dear to us. I think about my mother…. I wish you knew I except your apology, Mom. My father, who I dearly loved, was robbed of life early, to sit above.


God's Way 3

“God’s Way”, by Dana Bicks


Thanking God, though, for what I have, I count my blessings one by one. God never promised my life would be easy. Saddled in worries, this too shall pass. Like thunder and lightning that reigns in hell, I will stand against the evil forces!

Blessed with a love that’s unexplainable, God knows our hearts and He listens to our prayers.

I look at your youth, as I reflect on the years past, and wonder, why now does He orchestrate our souls to join? But, there in the morning storms that brew in the night, peace is granted, by only God. Never questioning his plans, we walk together hand in hand, knowing it was meant to be. Sharing the hell, like lightning in a family tree, we both must grow where God leads us.

Praying to God that angels arrive, like asking permission from a mother, we navigate in our spirits and pray the same. Though the rains may linger outside and nourish the flowers, I hold you tight under God’s umbrella. We will succeed and be protected!

God's Way

When I see your smile, it reminds me of the sun as it peeks out from beyond the storm clouds. Your touch has reached my spirit that, I only, share with God. You’re there. I just thank my Jesus, for sending this love.



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