Reflections In The Lily Pads

Memories of our childhood exhilarates a gift….

Lily Pads

The sun peeks above the trees; it glistens in the creek between me and another shore. It’s a beautiful morning to contemplate on thoughts that run like a road map. Some roads I’ve traveled and some I’ve never seen. And, standing in the middle of my meditating , God bears my aches and pains. Memories, like autumn leaves, fall around my body

and I wonder on repeatedly ….




Reflections in the Lily Pads


I sit and watch life come alive. I feel the warmth of the morning glare that pierces where I love to be.


God grant me the serenity where evil looms in the minds of many . I’d rather not be on a road where darkness resides. This is where God intends me to be – in a place to reflect on life; the maybe’s, hopes and disillusionments that make us stronger in faith every day.

Last month was no exception….

A dear friend I lost over time, has found me – a reunion of enormous proportion! Memories of our childhood exhilarates a gift; God, somehow knew, life’s altercations would never sever the ties. Two boys that played from the time they could walk, found diversity in puberty.


Life turns a corner, for what was forgotten, is born again in the minds of two old men.

Lily Pads 3

God grant us grace as hearts reunite for the first time in years; for what should have been the end, is really just the beginning. It’s now ‘our time’ to share and enjoy in our parents’ blessings.



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