Because of people

Because of people we are strong;
Because of people we have weight;
Because of people we speak with power;
People have built us;
People support us;
People keep us going;
Without people, we are nothing;
Without people, we are weak;
Without people, we can’t do much;
And so we value people;
And so we love people;
And so we don’t joke with people.
People are our treasure.


2 thoughts on “Because of people

  1. Don’t know what to do with this. True, we need people like we need money, but! First of all and above it ALL? WE NEED THE ONE WHO CREATED PEOPLE. We cannot put people as number one priority, but! We do. That’s the core of all our problems.
    We must stick to the Creator’s order and commandments. Until we do? We are doom to death. There is a way that seems right unto man, but! the end there in is death. Not my opinion. Wish it was because then? It could be discarded. Only the fact. It cannot be discarded. 🙂

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