Lord have mercy

Things are not easy in my part of the country. High controversy about the re-opening of schools. While some people say schools should re-open, others say they should not. They are protesting against the government and asking for independence for the English-speaking part of the country.

Cameroon is a bi-cultural, bilingual country with the French speaking part in the majority. Over the years this majority has dominated and suppressed the English-speaking minority. The most lucrative positions in the administration have gone only to persons from the French speaking side. Speakers of the Queen’s language feel treated like underlings. Having borne this over the years, they thought the time had come for them to get themselves free.

The fight for freedom has been going on for almost one year with the boycott of school as a major weapon.

Now there is division. Some say the children should be left out of the whole matter. Others say over their dead bodies. Thus schools are re-opening under great tension. In some places there is calm but in others there is outright violence.

How all this proceeds, no one can say. How it ends it’s even harder to tell. Everyone counts only on the mercy of God.


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