Are you new here?

If you are new here, you may not know our dream. Let me share it with you. But you may also be old here and still not know the dream. Thus, let me share it with all those who do not know it; and also remind those who might have forgotten.

We have a dream for this site.

 We want this site to be a forum that brings the world together; where love flows; where there is solidarity and support for one another. We want it to be a place where bloggers come and get help to succeed in blogging, reach more readers, grow their stats. We want it to give hope to millions of people around the world. We want it to play a role in breaking barriers among people, building bridges and making the world an excellent place for all to live in.

We do not like to find people doing aimless chatting throughout the day. We want that when you come here and spend just ten minutes you should go away feeling uplifted and ready to face and conquer the world that day. We want this forum to be a land of opportunity for all- helping people realize their dreams.

Don’t wonder if all this can be done. I am not alone. My dream is the dream of millions of people. All I am doing is informing those who have the same dream that we are already on the move. They should get on board and let us go.

You are welcome on board if you are not yet. Have a great day.


20 thoughts on “Are you new here?

  1. Sharing is care.. caring is loving and loving is a way to say thank you to God, for giving us the opportunity to spread love and faith around.

    World is full of people of which few who are self motivated, few who needs a little push and few who need gentle love and care to grow. Let’s get together and make use of this opportunity.

    I am the one who need a little push to move further and this platform surely does that work..the love the motivation.. thank you for letting me have it and also be a part to support others


  2. Hello, just to let you know: right now (at least here) the Like Button under the posts is not appearing – where it should be is only the word Loading.. and it’s not possible to click on this word, I don’t know what causes this .. only to inform you, if others have the same issue than the result would soon become obvious (less Likes received) – I hope it’s possible to fix this. Have all a great day everywhere!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello, well unfortunately it persists but it’s somewhat funny that in some posts the Like Buttons are shown as normal – 2 examples:

        while in other posts it does not appear & work – examples for this:

        putting my hope into the happiness engineers: time to rise and shine 🙂


          1. yes, you are right. I tried again and in one blog post that this morning didn’t work it works now whereas in another blog post I tried this morning it remained “not-working’ – thanks for taking the time to look into this 🙂

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