My 300th Blog….My Own Thoughts put to words

My Tribute to all my Blogger friends for all those Inspirations i have gathered through your pampering words.


My 300th Blog….My Own Thoughts put to words.

When the right words are chosen to put your thoughts to words….I am sure it will be a Beautiful Blog.


Only yesterday I came to know that I had already finished with 299 Blogs here in WordPress.My thoughts took me into different directions…like a Blog on Nature , a Blog on Street Photography ,a Blog on Wild Life and so many.But at last I choose to ask my Wife who is not just my Life-Partner but My Mentor too….else I would have become a most wayward Man otherwise….hehehehehhee.

Again as usual she came out with my flaws…..”DISCIPLINE IN LIFE”. Friend’s please don’t don’t miss-judge me as a Most Undisciplined Man otherwise but truly I need refinement according to Basabi my wife and I agree to it.Ultimately the Caption…”DISCIPLINE IN LIFE” really touched my heart.

Like The Sun rises on The Eastern…

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