My prayer..

You mean a lot, you are worth it,

Each word I said I mean it.

Here we are to love and care, 

And as it said “in reality” unity is strength.

Why feel lonely and sad when we have friends to hold our hand.

Life for sure is not constant,

Change is one thing that is constant.

A place where no one will judge you,

No one will fine you, but will read and care for you.

Let’s take this chance to spread love and care.

Let’s change hatred to love and prayers.

My hands joined in prayer for you. 

Asking to bless and grace his love upon you always.


19 thoughts on “My prayer..

            1. Resigned from job recently. All alone sitting in a room far away from my kids oceans across.
              Inspiring myself with words of others, with this little gadget, the mobile we call. Waiting my husband to return from work.
              And counting days to go back to my kids is all I do these days my dear Sir..πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„


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