Reasonable Doubts

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Sketches By Nitesh

In mourning of that lost voice,

Wretched reasons,

They collapsed,

They eluded me forever from embracing the truth.

And for in those desperations,

In every truth that I hid,

In every lie that I denied,

I battled

Constantly in those monarchy of sins, in monarchy of lies.

Piece by piece, bone by bone,

Thoughts of conflict broke my fragile skin.

Broken and in pain I died every night,

In rugs of silence, and

Of elevated absence,

Surrounded by dusky shadows.

Falling from abandoned dreams,

The darkness held me in her embrace, so tightly.

Into this spirit of a fast-dying conscience,

Into which I always sank,

Into a territory so unknown,

A place where it was so mortal cold.

And in that inconsolable rage of my own,

Through the black mist that had fallen,

In faintness of solitude and disuse.

So sunken and suppressed; silent words

Had passed, but not for…

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