Let’s begin the day…..with a note on POSITIVITY



Let’s begin the day…..with a note on POSITIVITY


My Confessions…..

To be precise……I have a life “mix of Wonderful life experiences with few phases of Mild Depression”.

I have seen through an insight in to my own life , there was a phase when I used to remain unhappy/depressed though it was mild in nature….but to be honest I never found a reason why I went in to that trance and the reason there of .

I will thank myself and my lovely wife so operative that I could come out of those dark phases of my life by God’s grace and may be my own strive to think positive in-spite of the worst state of mind . I remember I used to do “YOGA and MEDITATION” a lot and used to visit Temples of Worship often just to get rid of my meaningless “NEGATIVE THOUGHTS”.

My Own Feelings…how to…

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