Time is everything

Many of us pray and have the impression that God is not listening let alone answer our prayer. What we may not know is God has already answered all the prayers that we can ever say.

How has He done that?

He has done it by giving us what we need. He does not wait for us to ask him for anything before he gives it to us. He makes provision for everything for us when he creates us. He gives us what we need to get what we want. When he has done that and instead of going on to get what we want, we continue to ask it from him he makes as if he does not listen.

What is this thing? It is time. God has given us time. This is the most important thing he can ever give us after our life. He gives us time to use to get anything we want. Some are using their time and getting what they want. Others are using it rather to complain and blame God.

God sees that as your own ignorance. Ask for wisdom from him to use the time he has allocated to you to get what you want from life. God never fails to answer this type of prayer.

If you spend time asking God for money, position, fame, love, a husband or wife, material things etc and God will only smile at you and tell you “I have given you time to get those things. Use it and get them for yourself.”

Thus, God has given us everything through time. Time is everything. Use it well and you will get whatever you need.


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