How does God operate?

God operates in a very simple way. If you know it and follow it, your works will astound people.

Which is this way?

God does for you what you do for him. If you put your trust in God, God will put his trust in you. If you have confidence in God, God will have confidence in you. If you obey God, God will obey you.

Ask God to do anything, and he will do it for you if you have first obeyed him. as he wants you to.

If you are not on God’s side, God will not be on your side. If you don’t give to God, God will not give to you. 

The more you talk to God through prayer, the more God listens to you.

This all means that it is left to you to go to God and God will come to you. Go away from God and God will go away from you.

Can you again complain that God does not hear your prayers? You are the one to bring God into your life and make him do for you what you want.