I Wish

What a world we’d live in if …..

I Wish

It’s another anointed morning, waiting on dawn. She has not arrived though the clouds hover above me. Praying this morning as I often do, God, I know, is the answer to all the thoughts you doubt. The breeze funnels from behind ushering in a sign of autumn. Oppressive summer heat might have finally broken.
     I wish…

It’s another holiday Monday making it the second one this week.
     I wish every day was Friday!

And to think I’ve made it through another week. I thank God for every day though; another day to praise His name. Maybe others would say the same,
     I wish….

I awake and stumble out of my domain knowing I’ve been called. No rest for the weary,
     I wish….

Splashing my face with cold water and sipping on a hot cup of coffee, I might enjoy the fruits of labor today,
     I wish…..

Born again, as every morning, I rise do to what’s right. Others would follow,
     I wish…..

My conscience sees those that linger behind; perhaps they’d step up, just to say “I’m sorry”. That would be a blessing.
     I could only wish…

But in the cold dark, it makes me wonder why Christian’s deviate in the night. Can we all rest our heads knowing the Ten Commandments were the only laws to follow?
     I wish…..

Could we all be a band of Brothers pulling the meek from the murky waters?
     I so wish….

God never intended for us to be so devious. Our consciousness knows no guilt.
     I wish….

What if the word “can’t” never existed? Think what a world we would have if everyone knew anything is possible.
     I wish….

I Wish 2

Determined to make a difference, God anoints my morning. So, I follow his direction, praising my situation; who could ask for more? For God has granted me the greatest gift, “PEACE in my spirit”. Content with life, I open my door to all those who need direction. Filled with love, never meaning to harm, can everyone else be filled with the same adoration as me?
     I wish…

So I grab my jacket to deal with uncertainty. Can those who read my words understand the gift of touch?
     I wish….

Only a select few will stand before the world and invite the doubters to join them.
     I wish more could see my heart!

Our health is a priority; God’s never sick, why should we?

     I wish the world knew no famine or illness……     I wish those that read this piece respect the gift that God sent them.
Perfect in His eyes, we all have a choice. Abuse is the ultimate sin!

Can you see the light even if it’s before dawn?
     I wish you could….

Christ. we know died for our sins.
     I wish He had taken them with Him!

What a world we’d live in if everyone was just courteous! Hold the door for the helpless; respect the wisdom of the ones who came before; treat possessions as if they were their own; and honor the Commandments God gave us.

I Wish 3
     I so wish and hope!