Support me without losing anything and you may even gain

If you have been here for a while, you must be aware of my vision for this site. My vision is that it becomes not only a meeting place for millions of nice people around the world, but also a place where millions of people find love, joy, friends, inspiration, motivation, encouragement, in short, help to achieve their dreams. 

By being here you are giving me support as far as this dream is concerned. I can never thank you enough for this. And whether you are a new supporter or one of those who have been here for years, I thank you with all my heart.

I humbly request you to go further, if you are not yet doing it, to publish here once in a while. It’s a sacrifice I am requesting from you. It will help me get closer to my dream. You can even reblog as some are doing.

I can’t succeed alone. I won’t even leave my door if not of sweet souls like you. I am counting on the billions of very good people around the world to propel this site to the sky. You are one of them. Please, help or continue to help. Look for more ways to help. Talk to people about this site and the dream. Organize a promotional come-together and invited people to this site. You will not be wasting time. You will be helping someone accomplish a big dream. You will not be working for nothing. You will be helping someone succeed 

Thanks for being such a darling. I love you so much.


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