10 points on success. How many are true for you?

  1. You are a unique creature. There is none in the world exactly like you. There is something only you can do that no other person can do.
  2. All your dreams can come true if you make God your Senior Partner on your journey through life.
  3.  Many good things have come to you but the best is still to come and for that you ought to give thanks to God.
  4. Obedience to God’s command is the best prayer to ever make. It is the prayer that is always answered because when you obey God’s command God does what you ask of him.
  5. You were born to succeed not to fail. If you fail, you have yourself to blame.
  6. There is nothing we cannot do if God is on our side.
  7. You have an enormous unexploited potential that can do marvels if only you can take time to develop and exploit it.
  8. The winners in this world are those whose determination to win is strong enough and who never give up until they have achieved what they desire to achieve.
  9.  Those who take time to plan their work and follow their plan are usually greeted by great results. Those who do not plan well and follow their plan know nothing but failure and if they succeed at all, it is nothing to write home about.
  10. Some success leads to woeful failure. Some failure leads to spectacular success. If success is poorly managed it may bring about woeful failure. If failure is well handled it could lead to spectacular success.

Which do you agree or disagree with?


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