BENGALI DELIGHT…..Hilsa Fish Biryani ( Ilish Macher Pulao)

Fish Delight from India(Benagali Specialiity)


Bengali Delight….Hilsha Biryani(Ilish Macher Pulao)


  • Basmati Rice as required.

  • Hilsha Fish(Oily Variety)

  • Onion seed one to two pinch

  • Mustard Oil/Olive Oil as per taste

  • chilli(Green)

  • Turmeric Powder

How to Prepare

  • First You have to take at least 4 pieces of Hilsha Fish(Oily Fish Preferably) to make the dish real palatable and the size of the pieces should be little big . After cleaning the Fish with water mix them up with Turmeric powder along with Salt as per taste and it’s a very common practice to Marinate the fish items (Indian style).

  • After marinating for half an hour or so take a pressure cooker and pour two tea-spoon of Olive/mustard Oil as per taste and as it is hot enough put the Fish pieces along with Onion seeds and allow to fry with sim temperature .

  • Side by side take one Cup of Basmati rice and soak it with…

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