Highlighted blogs Friday Sept. 8, 2017.

Hello friends! Here we are with a new set of our highlighted blogs. Have the joy of meeting these amazing persons. They are sweet like you.

1. Kristina Swanson

Hi my name is Kristina, I am new to blogging, I do a lot of diy, beauty and lifestyle posts!

2. dvthapa

This virtual place belongs to abstract thoughts and thier uncommon meanings. The posts might not fall into your interest group, the poetry might be to absurd but what I anticipate about my site is ‘element of surprise’.
Here is a link to my post

3. aoitravels

Hello everyone my name is Kirsty and I have recently set up a Travel Blog documenting my adventures, big and small!
I’d love to find fellow bloggers to interactive with and make friends along the way!😊
You can find my blog here – https://aoitravels.wordpress.com
Thanks in advance for checking it out and I hope all enjoy travelling with me 🙂

4. The Girl in green Scarf

Hi everyone I’m the girl in green scarf. I just started my blogging journey few days back. I’m a lifestyle fashion and beauty blogger. I will really appreciate it if you will follow my blogs and I will be happy to meet you.
Here’s the link : https://thegirlingreenscarfsite.wordpress.com/
Enjoy you stay at my blogs..

5. Rio Abby

Hi everyone I’m a new blogger who blogs about daily life as teen especially on love, poetry, art and nature. I’m an ARTventurer if you know what I mean 🙂 feel free to visit my blog thank you
Welcome to Lovely Spirit ❤
special thanks to Success Inspirers’ World ❤


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