How Depression Robs Us of Our True Identity

If you deal with people in your life battling depression this post might be insightful.
Depression is a topic that I want to approach carefully. Many people I know and care deeply about have and are dealing with depression. There are many misconceptions about depression. One of the biggest myths is that depression means you’re sad. Truth: People may think depression is just a case of the blues, but its symptoms are wide-ranging and can manifest themselves physically.

9 thoughts on “How Depression Robs Us of Our True Identity

  1. Anonymous

    The highest suicide rate is among people who have the most on an economical basis, so why do those who are more impoverished kill themselves less? The poor are rich in faith. The expectation of the poor is more in line with the expectation God has for his creation and thus depression exists most predominantly in those disconnected from Jesus Christ. It must be this way, if God has promised his children peace. Has God lied about his peace or do we have individuals who are trying to live life well without the Creator of heaven and earth?

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