Stun them

Did your mother call you dull
When you were young?
Did your teacher say you were weak
When you were in college?
Did your neighbor laugh at you
Some day for any reason?
Did your classmate make fun of you you
Because did badly in class?
Has someone tried to demean you
Because you go on foot
And not by car?
Is someone despising you because
Don’t have a job?
Does your boss unfairly say
You are incompetent?
Never mind;
People more poorly treated,
And people in worse positions
Have made it to the top;
People who were laughed at
Turned out more successful
Than those who laughed at them.
Know what you want from life;
Be determined to get it;
Focus your energy on it;
Close your ears to those who say
You cannot make it;
Stun them by making it.


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