White Trash

There are times when we also find ourselves having to clean out our own “attics of life”.

white trash 4

Not too long ago, in the dead of winter, a very old lady in the far northeast said to her heirs, “Be careful cleaning out the attic”. The children thought she was just senile about her old stuff scattered around the attic floor. But one daughter paid close attention, opening every envelope; carefully looking for remnants of the old lady’s life.

There are times when we also find ourselves having to clean out our own “attics of life”. The things we once thought had value are now not worth the paper it was written on. There are times, too, when the writer of those messages are little more than “white trash” themselves.

Looking back, I’ve begun to comprehend the value of some people that I once held to a higher standard. Then I discovered the memories weren’t worth keeping stuffed in my attic. Trying to keep records of importance end up, next to the Christmas ornaments, I see they are only there taking up space.

There are people in your life that fall into the same category. Collecting dust and taking up space, the world is inundated with too much “white trash” you never pay a bit of attention to. There’s just no room to deal with creatures of culture with the same creativity.

white trash 3

Discarding memoirs of irrelevance becomes a necessity as our minds are cluttered with unnecessary objectivity. So I pray, God, is there purpose in white trash? Like a mosquito that bites you behind your leg, it gets away when your attention is elsewhere. Useless as a gnat, “white trash” serves no purpose.

So, I clean out my attic hoping I can find something of value just like the young lady cleaning out her grandmother’s attic. She found a $4.00 framed, farm landscape painting. But….do you know what was on the flip side, hidden from view?? An original copy of the Declaration of Independence!

And as for me?? I just keep grabbing trash bags throwing out debris…much like the “I do’s” that didn’t. The senseless “white trash” that people become, rotting in the minds of loved ones – gone.


Author’s Note:

This is a true story about the farm painting. The Declaration of Independence was folded up into the size of an envelope and perfectly preserved behind a painting which was purchased at a Pennsylvania flea market in 1988.

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