I enjoy a lot of support on my site. So this is something I can talk about.  I consider this important because no one can succeed alone. Without the support of others you can go nowhere even if you’re the most brilliant mind in the universe. People are our treasure and the only door to success. 

How do you get them to support you? I have 6 points or tips on that:

1. Be serious

This is the first thing. People want to know you are serious about what you are doing  No serious person will waste their time with someone who is not serious.

2. Useful offer

What you offer should be useful. If people find it useful, they will go for it; and that’s how they support you. 

3. Trust

People like to deal with someone they can trust. The world is full of dupes and no one wants to get into a common circle with any such person.

4. Love and care

People love people who are caring; who will show them love and lift their spirits in a world of many challenges. If they know you are for them, they will be for you. Some one has said nobody will care about you until they know you care. That is right.

I genuinely love the people I meet on the web. I do not mind which country they come from, what language they speak, what is their skin color. I love every body and thank God for this gift which has brought so much joy to me. Love people and people will love you.

5. Humility

I have found that a lot of people appreciate humility. They will get this from your  work and interactions with them. If you are humble, I have found, they will stay with you.

6. Confidence

Are you confident of your self? Do you believe in what you are doing? Are you sure of where you are going? There should be certitude in you. You should communicate your message with conviction. Let people see you as someone they can follow or invest their time to listen to or read because you exude confidence. You are sure of where you are taking them. Confidence in your self will the confidence of others.

There is surely much more that can be said here, but I am sure the points I have listed will help. They have helped me. WhenI started my blog where I am today looked like an impossibility but thanks to all the lovely friends I have made I am where I am. If you are supporting me or any other person is supporting me I think it is for one or more or all of these reasons. I share them in the hope that they can help any who desires to get to higher heights in their work.


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