Dreams and life

What became of that lofty dream?
I mean the lofty dream
You had when you were younger?
Do you remember what you said
You would become when you grew up?
I remember what you said in class;
It sounded so lofty
And everybody applauded it;
What happened along the way?
You no longer talk about it;
Have you dumped it as many do?
That wouldn’t surprise me;
You must have felt discouraged and dropped it;
Did you think it was impossible?
And decided not to live in dreamland?
Too bad;
Don’t you see now that it was not
As far-fetched dream as you feared?
You simply allowed fear
To cripple you;
You allowed discouraging messages
To kill your dream;
Didn’t you know there were many
Dream killers around?
Rest assured that your lofty dream
Is not beyond your ability;
You can achieve it;
What you would have done
Would have been to shut your ears
To all discouraging messages;
You would have continued to pursue your dream;
No worthy achievement comes easily;
You would have kept it;
Thank God, it is not too late;
I encourage you;
Go back to it;
Revive that dream;
Dream again;
And give no room to discouragement.
Your dream is your life;
No dream, wasted life.