Focus determines outcome

What shall you focus on
As you go about life today?
Tell me what you shall focus on
And I will tell you
How your day will turn out to be.
Shall you focus on the problems or on solutions.
Shall you focus on negatives or on positives.
Shall you focus on your weaknesses or on your strengths?
Shall you focus on winning or losing?
Shall you focus on darkness or on light?
Shall you focus on friendship or on enmity?
Shall you focus on antagonism or collaboration?
Shall you focus on war or peace?
Shall you focus on good or on evil?
Shall you focus on God or on the devil?
What you focus on determines your attitude;
Focus on the right thing
And you will have the right attitude;
Focus on the wrong thing
And you will have the wrong attitude;
And attitude, we know, is everything.
In other words, focus determines outcome;
Therefore, focus on what is right and good;
Focus on the positive;
And you will reap positive results.


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