Miravinci – a peace meditation movie by Mirakali

Watch here ‘Miravinci’ – a peace meditation movie by Mirakali about the Miravinci Meditation Centre in Mirapuri that is the place for establishing the conscious contact with the living presence of Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa – The Mother who are the spiritual founders of Mirapuri and their treasures of Knowledge, Love and Kindness for Renewal and luminous Future Building.

Michel Montecrossa about Mirakali’s ‘Miravinci’ Movie:
“Mirakali’s Peace Meditation Movie about the Miravinci generously gives the taste of a precious experience coming from the higher sphere of our existence.”

Website of the Miravinci: www.mirapuri-enterprises.com/Miravinci/index.html

Mirakali’s Homepage: www.Mirakali.net

Movie and photos by Mirakali, © Filmaur Multimedia

Miravinci Photo September 2015; 3

Miravinci Photo September 2015

Miravinci Photo September 2015; 2


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