MyQuotes#10…You are your Own Master

It’s never too….L A T E


•You are your Own Master•

I was watching a nice serial in NETFLIX & that was “DAUGHTER’s of DESTINY” based on how Girls from The Untouchables could change not just their Own Destiny but the way people used to think about their helplessness being born to Poorest of the Poor Parents.

There are many instances “Once given the right opportunity there are many instances of Brightest girls & boys come out from the Lowest strata of our so called Social strata” & yes I meant it in Indian context only.

I have a DREAM & may be some day I would love ❤️ to open a Boarding School meant for only those who are deprived of the BEST of EDUCATIONS because they are BORN POOR.

I know I can’t change the WORLD 🌎 that can’t STOP me from trying at least my share….

Let’s see…..may be many more may join…

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